Cinéart, distributeur de films au cinéma, en DVD, Vod et TV au Benelux

Company profile

Who we are

We distribute movies. Our ambition is to select the best, and make the most out of it.

Whether small, big, huge, European, Asian, American, African, cross over, art house, mainstream; we work hard to allow every movie to shine – on the big screen. From Almodovar to the Dardenne brothers, from Lord of the Rings to Wong Kar Wai, from La Mome to Lola rennt; we are open.

We focus on quality, our catalogue speak for itself (click here). But we are no fools, and know how to add up quantities.

Our employees come from different background (minor and major ones), all bringing something special to Cinéart. We pride ourselves in taking our work seriously and not taking ourselves seriously.

For a long time now, Cinéart has brought stability, professionalism, enthusiasm, ambition and attention to details in its markets. What passion stands for, at the service of movies and viewers alike.

Business overview

We are one of the few distributors to be fully integrated, across windows and across regions (Wallonia, Flanders and the Netherlands), with dedicated local teams:
- Theatrical: dedicated teams in Belgium and the Netherlands, structured around specialist skills (by movie type)
- Video: TWIN PICS (joint venture with Pias in the Netherlands and Belgium) releasing and producing new movies as well as catalogues (e.g. Studio Canal)
- TV and digital: dedicated staff in Belgium and the Netherlands with VoD sales growing rapidly
- European acquisition pool: founding member of Indie Circle (EU pool with members from France, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, more to come) with titles such as Thank you for Smoking and Paradise Now

Our 25-strong Benelux team is doing its best to maximise each window. And we do believe that control is essential in providing this.

What we like

We like good and well told stories
We like movies that are made with honest and ambitious intentions
We like movies to have the capacity to take you by the hand and transport you for a few hours
We like movies that tackle reality in its harshness or that magnify the same reality in its poetry
We like movies to leave a strong taste in the mouth


2008 – We finally open Cinéart Netherlands
2004 – Launch of Twin Pics (JV with Pias)
2003 – Foundation of Indie Circle
2002 – The Lord of the Rings saga starts
2001 – Eliane du Bois buys back partner and owns 100%
1999 – Start of Studio Canal output deal
1998 – Eliane du Bois has a clever idea: Cinéart SA is born
1975 – Eliane du Bois has a crazy idea: Cinelibre ASBL is born

Through the peaks and trofs of the movie business, as said before, Cinéart remains an island of stability and a beacon. Quietly delivering profits every year.

Whether you sell, output, produce, buy, aggregate, build; feel free to call us.